Application Innovation

Innovation is the key to survival. Innovation is often viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. In a market where a requirement is catered to by many solutions, innovation is the only way to stand out and get noticed. Applications have always been the richest source of business value to organizations. With advances in technologies especially in mobility and web services, applications hold even greater potential for delivering additional value.

PSPL facilitates innovation through its team of highly potential and dedicated professionals. The solution to the client’s requirement is worked on by out-of-the-box thinking executed into a well-built solution backed by reliable delivery and supported by the maintenance team round the clock. Applications of high standard have always been the richest source of business value to a software developing organization.

At PSPL we thrive by the simply theory of innovating solutions which would meet the business needs of the clients and with our experience spanning over two decades we have done exceptionally well to that.

Our out of the box thinking has helped us to build payroll systems, insurance system software, automation of financial corporations, end to end automation of the meter reading, bill generation and bill servicing software. ReA was one among the many products designed by PSPL which would help to integrate different operations of a distribution company to a common information base. PSPL has designed and developed a complete automated Customer Relationship Management Solution for Odisha Renewable Energy Development Authority (OREDA).