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Stakeholder Engagement & Asset Management System

An integrated ICT platform that provides a platform for Stakeholder Engagement and Service Performance Measurement to achieve the purpose of Asset Sustainability and User Satisfaction.

Micro Distributed Assets

Stakeholder Engagement

Asset Management

Corrective Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

Service & Asset Performance Monitoring

Customer Support



Data Analytics


Customer Satisfaction

Climate Change

SDG Goals

Every welfare state helps establish various micro-sized public assets across the length and breadth of its geography, for the convenience of its population. These assets are meant to facilitate the provision of safe drinking water, street-lighting, proper sanitation and irrigation, among other end-uses. Thousands of people depend on these assets for fulfilling the vital requirements of their life and livelihood. Such assets are usually small and sparsely established, and the responsibility of installing and managing them for their economic life lies with various arms of the government.

Traditionally, it has been observed that a lot of investment and publicity goes into the establishment of these assets. However, immediately after installation, the asset falls prey to mishandling, poor use, maintenance and dies much before the completion of its actual life. The government which invested in its establishment does not record this failure, and the asset simply gets replaced with a new one, with similar investment.

This results in a lot of negative consequences. First, it reflects poorly on the quality of administration. Second, the return on investment of these public funds is exceptionally low. The third, and most important, the welfare in terms of user satisfaction is never achieved.

Parameter Softwares (P) Ltd. has built the solution to this problem – RESolve, which provides a platform for all stakeholders to engage, starting from the beginning of the project to the end of its economic life, to ensure that the twin-objectives of Asset Sustainability and User Satisfaction are actually met. The various modules of RESolve are...


Project Management

This Module helps the project owner to monitor the performance of each stakeholder to help deliver the project on time and quality. In this module project related information like Project Name, Source of Finance, Asset Owner, EPC Contractors/ Vendors, Technicians are updated real time basis by using both Web and Mobile application. The dashboard clearly shows the progress of all the WIP projects.

Service Management

This module helps the Owners configure the frequency, periodicity and the tasks involved in each service. One can configure for each installation type where the components are different.

Service Performance Monitoring

This module helps the Owners monitor and measure the performance of the service provider and its technicians with regard to quality and timeliness. Performance scores of individual services aggregated to the service provider is generated real time which empowers the owners to rate and rank the service through rewards and penalties.

Asset Performance Monitoring

This module helps the owners monitor and measure the performance of the asset in terms of performance parameters or user satisfaction. This empowers the owners in knowing how well their assets are performing under given conditions and if the desired welfare and satisfaction is achieved by the end users. This module uses information collected through IOT devices or customer feedback surveys.

Customer Support

This module provides a human interface to all the stakeholders to the system. We have factored that many people using these kinds of assets have issues in dealing with technology or they may have something more to say which a computer form does not allow. So we make it easy for all the stakeholders to smoothly coordinate with each other for meeting the objective.

Report / MIS / Data Analytics

Information collected from the assets, locations, transaction information are intelligently used to create reports for the ground staff, middle management and the top management to check if the assets are performing to its desired capacity and meeting the project goals.


Service Management

Configuration: Service frequency, Periodicity & Tasks Involved


Asset Performance Monitoring

Collection of Information through IOT / Feedback Survey to ensure Asset Performance and End User Satisfaction.


Report / MIS / Data Analytics

Creation of reports for all tiers of management to check various performance parameters and projects accomplishments.


Project Management

Data Updation: Project Name, Source of Finance, Asset Owner, EPC Contractors/Vendors, Technicians.


Service Performance Monitoring

Monitoring & Evaluation of Service Quality and Timelines. Rating and Ranking Service.


Customer Support

Handholds and Cordinates Stakeholders to Overcome technology barriers and meet common objective.

Case Study

Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA) is a state-owned Public-Sector Undertaking (PSU) established in the year 1984 under the Department of Science and Technology, GoO. With the objective of demonstrating and popularising applications of renewable energy with people.

The organization established to operate at demonstration scale is now thrust into leadership position to drive the sector. From the fringes to the centre stage of energy, the change has been unsettling.


Micro Distributed Assets like

Drinking Water System

High Mast Street Light

Child Care System

Irrigation Systems

Water ATMs

Electrical and Electronics Assets

Electro-Mechanical Assets